Black SplatStrange Days (1995)

"You pulled over the wrong black man."

"Strange Days" Glenn Plummer as Jeriko One - Arrested by Cops

Description - Glenn Plummer as Jeriko One, a popular rap star in the sci-fi motion picture Strange Days (1995). Out for a ride with his groupies, Jeriko One is pulled over by the police and told to drop to his knees. Jeriko One protests his treatment and proclaims:

“You know what? You’ve pulled over the wrong black man...Officer Steckler! I’m the 800-pound gorilla in your mist, fucker! I make more money in a day than you make in a whole year! And my lawyer loves sending sorryass Aryan RoboCop fuckers like you to jail!...You’re gonna be in my next song. It’s called ‘RoboSteckler.’ It’s about a cop who met his worst nightmare: a nigga with enough political juice to squash your ass like a stinkbug! You gonna be famous, fucker!”

Unfortunately, Jericho’s bravado bought him a bullet to the brain. Then the cops killed all the witnesses but one managed to escape. Her memory was then downloaded onto a recording disk, which became the fodder for the conclusion of the film when the Police Commissioner sees the recording and arrests the cops responsible for the killings.

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