Black SplatA Study in Terror (1965)

"For Heaven’s sake, stop sawing away on that infernal instrument! It was a sad day when Mother gave it to you, a sad day for her, a sad day for you, a sad day for us all...What I shall never understand Sherlock is why, since you’ve had that violin with you so long, you have never learned to play!"

A Study in Terror - John Neville and Robert Morley

Description: Robert Morley as Mycroft Holmes irritated at his younger brother Sherlock Holmes’ (John Neville) violin playing in the motion picture A Study in Terror (1965).

"If you are a woman, you walk these streets at your peril. For this is Whitechapel in the time of Jack the Ripper. One of the world's most infamous killers. Come now. Follow me. Don't leave my side for a moment,. This is where Jack the Ripper once walked. The back alleys he prowled, the bawdy spit and sawdust haunts he knew. Who was Jack the Ripper? Only one man thought he knew the answer. His address 221B baker Street. His name was Sherlock Holmes. SHerlock Holmes, a genius in detecting the improbable and solving the impossible. Dr. Watson, the other half of this fantastic partnership. A Study in Terror. In the brawling gaslite back streets of London's East End. This is Carfax who helped Holmes more than he knew. And Chunky who knew one of the victims very well. And Murray whose tongue was a sharp as his scalpel. A Study in Terror. These were the women who lived in the shadow of the Ripper. The Red-head once famed for her beauty. A gay buxom little blonde. The kind of provocative women that the Ripper loved till murder did them part"....'You'll never see anything like it this side of hell' [Inspector LeStrade] - Movie Trailer

When prostitutes become the target of a serial killer, Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr. Watson (Donald Houston) search the Victorian streets of Whitechapel, London for the notorious murderer of women known as 'Jack the Ripper'.

A Study in Terror - Murdered Prostitute

Using his highly logical mind and shrewd powers of observation, Holmes deduces that the killer shows signs of having medical experience, most likely as a surgeon. A medical case with a missing large scalpel (a post-mortem knife) leads Holmes to the Duke of Shires.

Duke of Shires: To what do I own the dubious pleasure of this visit?
Sherlock Holmes: No doubt you will recognize this coat of arms, your grace.
Duke of Shires: Where did you get this case?
Sherlock Holmes: I believe it to have come from a White Chapel pawn shop, sir.
Duke of Shires: A Pawn shop. No more than I predicted for him...
Sherlock Holmes: For whom, sir?
Duke of Shires: My eldest son, Michael.
Sherlock Holmes: Do you know of his present address?
Duke of Shires: He is dead.
Sherlock Holmes: Oh, of what accident or sickness, your grace?
Duke of Shires: Disobedience. From the day he left this house against my wishes, he has been dead, sir.
Sherlock Holmes: You mean disowned, your grace.
Dr. Watson: Was he a doctor, your grace?
Duke of Shires: No, sir, but that was his ridiculous ambition.
Dr. Watson: But the medical profession is I believe an honorable one.
Duke of Shires: To a certain class, but not to one of the Osborne family. To a man who in God's good time would have become the tenth Duke of Shires, any trade must be dishonorable.
Dr. Watson: [aghast] A trade, sir!
Duke of Shires: Now if you please, the servants will show you out.
Dr. Watson: Pompous ass!...Trade indeed!

To gather more clues, Holmes visits the body of Annie Chapman, one of the murdered prostitutes. He examines her wounds and sees signs that her body was stabbed with a bayonet and sliced with a razor like object, which he concludes is a scalpel.

While viewing the body Holmes meets, police surgeon Dr. Murray (Anthony Quayle) who also runs a soup kitchen and clinic for the poor in the Whitechapel district. He is assisted by his niece, Sally Young (Judy Dench). Holmes learns that Michael Osborne, the elder son of the Duke of Shires had been the doctor's surgical assistant.

Soon after Sherlock meets Max Steiner (Peter Carsten), a East End pimp and owner of the Angel and Crown tavern. It is revealed that Max Steiner was blackmailing Lord Carfax (John Fraser) the younger son of the Duke of Shires to keep the public from learning that his elder brother, Michael Osborne (John Cairney) married a prostitute named Angela (Adrienne Corri), who turns out to be Steiner's lover. It was she who set up the blackmailing scheme.

A Study in Terror - Dr. Murray shows Holmes Michael

When Michael discovered Steiner and Angela together, he went berserk. Angela tried to throw acid in Michael's face but in the struggle her own face was disfigured. The entire affair changes Michael and he withdraws into himself. Dr. Murray takes it upon himself to care of his forelorn surgical assistant.

Meanwhile, it turns out that insanity runs in the Osborne family and Lord Carfax became obsessively protective of the family reputation. Knowing that Angela was a prostitute, and had fouled his lineage by marrying his brother, Carfax set out through a process of elimination to kill prostitutes one by one, in hopes of finding Angela in the process. But Angela had gone into hiding. It was only when Holmes drops the location of Angela's whereabouts, that Carfax plans to kill her. Of course, Holmes is waiting for Lord Carfax to strike.

Before setting a trap to reveal the real killer, Holmes takes pity on Michael and returns the traumatized young man home to his father. Holmes describes Michael as a "pathetic imbecile incapable of understanding the smallest intelligent action."

When Holmes next confronts Lord Carfax, he blocks the crazed Lord from killing Angela who was sleeping in her bed above the Angel and Crown tavern. As they struggle, Angela wakes, and begins to scream. Holmes and Lord Carfax continue to scuffle about the room. In anger, Carfax throws a kerosene lamp at Holmes. It misses and hits Angela's bed. A raging fire soon engulfs the room. Holmes throws Carfax into the flaming bed where he dies in agony. Max Steiner runs to rescue Angela but both are burned to death in the conflagration.

A Study in Terror - Fire consumes Lord Carfax

Of course, Holmes survives the fire. Telling the tale to Dr. Watson, Holmes boasts "You know my methods. I'm well known to be indestructible."

In the end, Holmes never reveals Lord Carfax's involvement to protect the reputation of the Duke of Shires and his elder son. Thus, the identity of the real killer was withheld and the tale of Jack the Ripper became legend.

A Study in Terror - Movie Poster

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