Black SplatSwitch (1991)

"I'm sick and tired of being treated like a piece of meat!"

Switch - Amanda Brooks tells off a chauvinist pig

Description: Ellen Barkin as Amanda Brooks (Ellen Barkin) speaks her mind in the Blake Edward's comedy motion picture Switch (1991).

Amanda Brooks is the alter ego of Steve Brooks (Perry King) a sleazy, sexist womanizer. Steve stopped being Steve one day, when Margot Bronfman (JoBeth Williams) and two other former female acquaintances invite Steve to a hot tub party and and shoot him dead.

Now Steve's days of breaking a women's hearts may have been at an end, but when he gets to Heaven, God decides to give him a chance to save his soul from damnation. If he can find a female who thinks he's a nice guy, he'll go to Heaven. Otherwise, it will be Hell to pay.

For Satan's amusement and to teach Steve what it is like be on the receiving end of sexist remarks and crude, swaggering behavior, he is returned to earth in the guise of beautiful woman who will experience all sorts of sexual situations, ranging from lesbian encounters to male chauvinists with groping hands.

"Steve Brooks was never content with just one woman, or two, or three. God knows half the womem in town could have killed him for being such a womanizer. One did. But heaven wasn't ready for a guy like this so God sent him back an gave him one more life to live. The only catch is - he's got to live it as a blonde. Now he's a man trapped in a woman's body and a woman trapped in a man's world....Switch " - Movie Trailer

After recovering from the shock of looking in the mirror and seeing a woman look back, Steve persuades Margot (his killer) to give her some lessons in acting like a woman and then calls his best friend Walter Stone (Jimmy Smits), and lets him in on his little secret. Walter agrees to help his now gal pal, despite being attracted to the woman Steve has become.

Walter: Hey, you're not gay, are you?
Amanda: Hey, if I'm gay, then Clint Eastwood's a transvestite.

But changing his old ways is not as simple as it seems. While sitting with Walter, Amanda (Steve) can't help but admire a female in the room and says, "Check out the headlights on that blonde. How’d you like to play hide the salami with that for a week?" Yes, Steve still has a long way to go before he puts his chauvinist tendencies to rest, but with a little help from his friends he/she will make it. But first Steve will have to learn how to walk in those damn high-heel shoes.

It's not that bad being a woman. It's being both that is the bitch"

At one point, being a woman was a plus for Steve when he uses his new female body to land a multimillion dollar account for his ad agency by seducing and satisfying Sheila Faxton (Lorraine Bracco), a lesbian executive.

When a female animal rights person (Emma Walton) confronts Margo Brofman who is wearing fur in the movie, she shouts, “Do you know how many poor animals had to die for you to get that coat?” Indignant at the intrusive nature of the question, Margo yells back, “Do you know how many rich animals I had to fuck to get this?”

Note: Switch is a remake the Vincent Minelli’s comedy Goodbye Charlie (1964) starring Debbie Reynolds as the reincarnated spirit of womanizing scriptwriter Charlie Sorel.The movie tagline read: “They don't make girls like "Charlie" anymore -- they never did!”

Upon seeing his new body, Charlie says, “I don’t have to see Bridget Bardot movies anymore. All I have to do is come home and pull down the shades.”

At the conclusion of the film, Charlie is chased around the room by the lust-crazed director (Walter Mathau), the man who originally killed him. Suddenly, Charlie realizes how it feels to be on the other end of a relationship and shouts, “The punishment does fit the crime.”

Unexpectedly; Charlie is shot by an angry female intruder and falls off the balcony of his bachelor pad into the ocean below. In a final twist of fate, Charlie is again reincarnated but this time into the body of Great Dane dog.

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