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"Lucky for me this place is soundproof. That way nobody gets to hear me beating the truth out of you."

Tango and Cash - Cash corners a crook

Description: Kurt Russell as police detective Gabriel Cash corners a crook who bore false witness in court that got Cash sent to prison in the motion picture Tango & Cash (1989).

Cash who works on the East side of town and Raymond "Ray" Tango (Sylvester Stallone) who works the West side are two of LAPDs most highly decorated officers. They are so successful, they are heroes in the department, but hated by the local crime bosses who want them shut down.

One such criminal is Ives Perret (Jack Palance). He knows if he puts a hit out on T&C, they might become martyrs and their deaths could start an all out war with the police. So Perret decides to frame both of them for murder. And with T&C out of the way, his upcoming shipment of illegal weapons won't be discovered by those two nosey cops. Of course, Perret knows the two hero cops will never leave prison alive.

"I like dealing with restores my low opinion of human nature." - Federal Agent [to Tango and Cash]

To frame them for murder, Perret steals Cash's police-issued gun with fingerprints, kills an undercover Federal agent, lures T&C to the sight of a sting operation where they find the body and are arrested when an FBI team break in and arrests both of them for murder.

Tango and Cash - Headline proclaims T&C murderers

During their trial, key witnesses against them bear false testimony which forces the court to sentence them to a plea bargain of 18 months in a minimum security facility. But, bribes are made and the boys are rerouted to a seedy maximum security prison, where nearly everyone on the staff is controlled by Perret and his criminal empire.

Released into the general population, T&C discover they arrested half of the guys in the place. As they are led to their cells, they walk a gauntlet of death threats. Later that day, T&C are kidnapped from their cells and dropped down an laundry chute to the basement of the prison where Perret waits with a crowd of angry criminals who want their piece of flesh. One looney named Requin (Brion James) slaps a straight edge razor to their faces and threatens, "Carving time boy...I'll cut your bloody throat, yank it out the hole and tie it into a lovely Windsor knot for you." To which, Cash replies:

"You wanna cut my throat, go ahead. You wanna cut my fuckin' head off and use it for a fuckin' basketball? You can "bowl" with the motherfucker for all I care! Just don't let HIM do it! I don't wanna get killed by this limey, immigrant JERKOFF! I wanna get killed by an AMERICAN jerkoff!" - Gabriel Cash [to Requin who replies "You fucking wanker!"]

Tango and Cash - Requin administers electro-shock torture

After some initial threats, Perret, who remains in the shadows, have T&C wrapped in chains and hung over a pit of electrified water to fry them alive. But before T&C are zapped to death, a bunch of armed guards led by the Asst. Warden Matt Sokowski (Cash's old friend) shut down the execution party. Meanwhile, Perret slithers away into the darkness.

The Asst. Warden (Phil Rubenstein) recommends their best bet for survival is to escape from prison, so he suggests a plan which Ray refuses. Cash decided to leave, but soon learns the Asst. Warden is dead and the bad guys are waiting for him at the egress point. Luckily, Ray arrives, saves Cash and both of them manage to climb a tower and escape over the prison walls by sliding down a high tension wire where they crash to the rain soaked ground and flee into the night.

Gabriel Cash: I don't know about you, but I have an aversion to getting F.U.B.A.R...
Ray Tango: What's F.U.B.A.R.?
Gabriel Cash: Fucked-Up Beyond All Recognition.

Before they split, Tango tells Cash to go to the Cleopatra Club and ask for Katherine (Terry Hatcher), an exotic dancer, if he needs help. Meanwhile Cash visits the office of a audio-tape expert who falsified a compilation of sound bytes that made it appear that T&C conspired to kill the Federal agent. Later Ray finds Cash and Katherine (his sister) in an intimate situation and Ray does not like in the least. He considers Cash a glory hound and hot dog and not right type of fellow for his sister.

"I think with your IQ your are unarmed and very dangerous." [Tango to Cash]

To learn the identity of Perret, T&C hunt down Requin and threaten to kill him if he does not reveal who is behind the setup that framed them for murder. When he refuses, Tango straps a grenade across Requin's face and plays REALLY bad cop to get what he wants.

Tango and Cash - A grenade as a gentle persuader

[T&C stap a grenade over a crook's mouth and play bad cop, worse cop]

Gabriel Cash: You're getting a little radical here, don't you think?
Ray Tango: What's radical?
Gabriel Cash: Blowing a man's head off with a fucking hand grenade is a touch much, don't you think?
Ray Tango: You got your way, I got mine. You know, I'm kind of glad you didn't want to talk, Requin...
Gabriel Cash: You know what? I'll just shoot him in the goddamn leg, he'll talk!
Ray Tango: I don't want the leg, I want the whole package!
Gabriel Cash: Maybe he doesn't know anything, okay?
Ray Tango: I don't really care!
Gabriel Cash: What do you mean you don't care. You're a fucking cop!
Ray Tango: I WAS a cop but because of this dirt bag and his friend, we're on the run. It's payback.
Gabriel Cash: That's enough!
Ray Tango: Is it?
Gabriel Cash: Oh man I heard about you. I hear you were a fuckin' Section Eight. I didn't believe all the weird sadistic bullshit I heard you pull, but you are man. You're for real!
Ray Tango: If you don't want to get beaten, then get back....Jack.
Gabriel Cash: You got it sicko [Cash leaves, the crook is so scared that Ray is a nut job that he snitches to save his life.]

Ray leaves Requin tied up and drops a hand grenade into the guy's pants, pulls the pin and says, "My contribution to birth control" and walks away. The crook screams, as the grenade falls out of his pant leg. It is a dud.

With the help of Captain Shroeder (Geoffrey Lewis), who believed all along they were innocent, T&C sets out to bring the bad guys to justice. To battle Perret and his army of bad guys (who are headquartered at an abandon air force airfield) Cash's friend Owen (Michael J. Pollard), a police research scientist lends them a prototype urban assault vehicle dubbed an "RV from Hell." It is equipped with bulletproof armor, has a .20 millimeter canon on the drivers side and can crash through brick walls.

In the end, the boys break in to the compound, only to find Katherine has been taken hostage and held at knife point by the Requin whom Ray let live earlier. Requin now wants revenge for the grenade interrogation and throwing Katherine aside attacks Cash with a knife. He is thwarted and this time Ray drops a real grenade down his pants, pushes him down a flight of stairs where he explodes. Perret, who had activated a bomb to blow up the entire facility, escapes with Katherine. When confronted, he is shot in the head.

Then just seconds before the place goes up in flames, Cash, Tango, and his sister run to safety, where Cash tells Tango, he's earned the right to date Katherine.

Tango and Cash - Headline proclaims T& C Heroes

Note: Throughout the film Tango and Cash often delivered tidbits of dark humor. During their trial when people gave false testimony about their involvement in the crime, they offered these suggestions

Gabriel Cash: When this is over, remind me to rip Jumbo there's tongue out.
Ray Tango: With a tow truck.

Ray Tango: When this is over, we have to pay Jabba the Hutt here a visit.
Gabriel Cash: I'll bring the chainsaw.
Ray Tango: I'll bring the beer.

In the film, Roman Scandals (1933), Eddie Cantor says “It wouldn’t only be murder, it would be birth control” to a plan to send him back in time to be killed by Roman soldiers.

Tango & Cash (1989)

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