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"You’re terminated, fucker!"

The Terminator - Sarah kills the T-101 Terminator

Description: Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor puts the final squeeze on a futuristic killing machine (“The Terminator”) as she activates a hydraulic press to crush the remains of its twisted yet still deadly skeleton in the sci-fi classic The Terminator (1984).

Sarah Connor lives in Los Angeles. She is young, attractive and loves life. But her life is about to change when she becomes the target of a murderous cyborg sent from the future to kill her because she will give birth to a child who will lead a resistance movement that challenges a tyrannical government run by machines.

"In the Year of Darkness, 2029, the rulers of this planet devised the ultimate plan. They would reshape the Future by changing the Past. The plan required something that felt no pity. No pain. No fear. Something unstoppable. They created 'THE TERMINATOR" - Movie Tagline

When the cyborg arrives from the future, it finds a phone book, and proceeds to kill off all of the Sarah Connors in the listing. The targeted Sarah Connor hears about the murders when she watches a news report while she works as a waitress.

Later that day, the cyborg arrives at Sarah's apartment and kills her roommate Ginger Ventura (Bess Motta) thinking she was his target. But a message from a phone answering machine alerts the cyborg that Sarah is still alive and located at a downtown dance club.

The Terminator - The Terminator targets Sarah Connor for assassination

Just as the cybernetic assassin finds Sarah, a soldier from the future named Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) appears, blasts the cyborg with a shotgun and pulls Sarah to safety. "Come with me if you wanna live."

As they race away in Kyle's stolen car, he reveals, "I'm Reese. Sergeant Tech-Com, DN38416. Assigned to protect you. You've been targeted for termination." When Sarah becomes hysterical, Kyle emphasizes the deadliness of the pursuing cyborg:

“Listen. He's not a man - a machine. A Terminator. A Cyberdyne Systems Model 101. The Terminator's an infiltration unit: part man, part machine. Underneath, it's a hyper-alloy combat chassis, microprocessor-controlled. Fully armored; very tough. But outside, it's living human tissue: flesh, skin, hair, blood - grown for the cyborgs. Pay attention! Listen! And understand! That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with! It can’t be reasoned with! It doesn't’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!”

Later, the police arrest Kyle and while under interrogation at the Westtown police station a psychiatrist determines that Kyle is loony when he screams, "You still don't get it, do you? He’ll find her. That’s what he does. That’s all he does! You can’t stop him! He’ll wade through you, reach down her throat, and pull her fucking heart out!"

The Terminator - Kyle Reese talks with police psychiatrist

Entering the station house, the Terminator asks to speak with Sarah Connor, but the officer on duty tells him to take a seat and wait. Instead the Terminator leaves saying, "I'll be back." He then drives a vehicle through the building, killing 17 policeman as he searches for his prey. Luckily, Kyle Reese leads Sarah to safety and heads out of town. The two then check into a motel to get rest and formulate a plan of escape.

Sarah can't believe her situation, and asks, "Are you sure you got the right person? Oh, come on. Do I look like the mother of the future? I mean am I tough, organized? I can't even balance my checkbook. Look Reese, I didn't ask for this honor and I don't WANT IT, ANY OF IT!"

While they recuperate from their exhausting day, Kyle reveals his feelings to Sarah:

"John Connor gave me a picture of you once. I didn't know why at the time. It was very old - torn, faded. You were young like you are now. You seemed just a little sad. I used to always wonder what you were thinking at that moment. I memorized every line, every curve. I came across time for you Sarah. I love you; I always have."

The Terminaotor - Kyle Reese holds a Polaroid of Sarah Connor

Kyle also recites a message from memory given by John Connor: "Thank you, Sarah, for your courage through the dark years. I can't help you with what you must soon face, except to say that the future is not set. You must be stronger than you imagine you can be. You must survive, or I will never exist."

That night, Sarah calls her mother to let her know she is alright, but the T-101 had already arrived at her home, killed the woman and imitated her voice over the phone. The Terminator learns Sarah's location and heads out to kill her.

When the Terminator gets to the motel, it wounds Kyle who then flees with Sarah in a stolen pickup truck. The cyborg hijacks a semi-truck and races after Sarah and her protector. When a collision explodes a gasoline tanker it appears that the Terminator is killed, but it emerges from the fire, it's skin burned away to reveal a shiny, silver endoskeleton. Frantic, Kyle and Sarah seek refuge in a factory where Kyle tries to kill the cyborg with a pipe bomb. The explosion kills Kyle but blows away the Terminator's legs and one arm, but the cyborg keeps on ticking and continues to pursue an injured Sarah through a factory.

The cyborg is finally destroyed when it crawls through a hydraulic press as it tries to catch Sarah. Just as the damaged but still deadly cyborg reaches for Sarah's throat, she pushes a button that activates the hydraulic press which crushes the cyborg. Her final words to this mechanical menace: "You're terminated, fucker!"

The Terminator - The T 101 Treminator is crushed in a hydraulic press

Sarah then flees to Mexico. As she stops at a gas station, a small boy takes her picture with a Polaroid camera. This picture is the same one mentioned by Kyle in the motel when they made love and conceived the future John Connor.

As storm clouds gathers, Sarah speaks into a cassette recorder, and records a message for her future son:

"The hardest thing is deciding what I should tell you and what not to. Well, anyway, I've got a while yet before you're old enough to understand the tapes. They're more for me at this point... to help get it all straight. Should I tell you about your father? That's a tough one. Will it change your decision to send him here... knowing? But if you don't send Kyle, you could never be. God, you can go crazy thinking about all this... I suppose I'll tell you... I owe him that. And maybe it'll be enough if you know that in the few hours we had together we loved a lifetime's worth."

The Terminator - Sara Connor in Mexico

Note: In the film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator T-101 sticks an explosive device into the mouth of a female terminator called T-X (or Terminatrix) and says, “You are Terminated!”

Claire Danes as Kate Brewster, the future wife of John Connor shouts, "Just die, you bitch!” to the female Terminatrix that refuses to die despite repeated attempts to terminate her.

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