Black SplatThat Old Feeling (1997)

"Why don’t you whistle for your broomstick?!"

Tha Old Feeling - Dan de Mora argues with his ex-wife, Lilly

Description: Dennis Farina as Dan De Mora insults his ex-wife, Lilly Leonard (Bette Midler) in the comedy film That Old Feeling (1997).

After 14 years, Dan and Lily meet at their daughter’s wedding and old hostilities surface.

At the wedding ceremony, Lilly who has "X-ray vision for people with little cosmetic improvements," sees Dan's new wife, Rowena (Gail O'Grady) at church and whispers to her husband, Alan (David Rasche),"Oh my god, she taken some of her nose and injected it into her lips."

Later, at the reception, when Lilly sees Dan's new head of hair, she says, "You've got more hair." Dan denies it, but Lilly persists. "Rogaine? Hair Club for Men? Dan replies, "I've laid off your hairs. Lilly responds, "My hair is perfect." Then Dan goes in for the kill, saying, “Yes, it’s perfect if you want to look like a Madame in a saloon in Tombstone.”

Their argument escalates as Dan calls Lilly, "The high priestess of hysteria." Lilly shouting, “Oh, well, at least I was faithful.” Dan laughingly counters, “Yeah, you were faithful like a Kennedy was faithful!” Frustrated, Lilly yells, "I turned down a Beatle for you!" When called neurotic, Lilly responds, "I'm not neurotic. I'm just a bitch."

That Old Feeling - Dan and Lily get hot and heavy in the parking lot

As their argument moves into the parking lot, Lilly shouts, "I hate you! You're a big, hairy brute! You've had plugs, you vain son of a bitch!. You've had a scalp lift!" Dan growls, “You’re a witch! Why don’t you whistle for your broomstick. Maybe it will come and git ya!"

But then "that old feeling" that first brought the two together years ago erupts and Dan and Lilly's passionate anger re-ignites their love for each other and they fall into each others arm and kiss. Now both Dan and Lilly have remarried (and hate each others new mates) but they happily continue with their adulterous adventure.

When Dan returns from the parking lot, Rowena asks, "Are you all right? You don't even have to talk about it. It must have been awful, trapped out there with that wicked tongue. Well, I hope you gave it right back to her as good as she gave it." Dan smiles, and says, " Oh, I know I did!"

After Dan and Lilly make love, Lilly says "I haven't been this happy since it was okay to take drugs." And when Molly's new husband, Keith Marks (Jamie Denton) discovers Dan and Lilly in bed, he asks Molly, "I thought they hated each other?" Molly (Paula Marshall) replies, "Well, they're supposed to." Before the wedding, Molly had told her fiance, "You know how some people parents hate each other? Well, my parents hate each other with a nuclear capability."

Later, when an older woman see Lilly and Dan acting all lovey dovey at a sidewalk cafe, she says to her friends at her table, "So nice to see a mature, loving relationship." Lilly spins around, and says, 'It adultery, but thank you very much."

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