Black SplatThis is Spinal Tap (1984)

"You put a greased, naked woman on all fours, with a dog collar around her neck, and a leash, and a man’s arm extended out up to here, holding onto a leash and pushing a black glove in her face to sniff it. You don‘t find that offensive?"

This is Spinal Tap - Fran Drescher as Bobbi Flekman

Description: An astonished Fran Drescher as Bobbi Flekman speaks to Tony Hendra (Ian Faith) in the motion picture parody This Is Spinal Tap (1984).

Bobbi objects to the cover illustration of Spinal Tap's latest album cover "Smell My Glove." In defense, Tony, the group's manager says,: "This is 1982, Bobbi, c'mon!" Undeterred, she replies, "That's "right," it's 1982! Get out of the '60s. We don't have this mentality anymore." Defeated, Ian confesses, "Well, you should have seen the cover they 'wanted' to do! It wasn't a glove, believe me."

The film follows Marti DeBergi (Rob Reiner), and his documentary crew as they follow the legendary British heavy metal band 'Spinal Tap' on tour. Here is the beginning narration of the film:

"Hello; my name is Marty DiBergi. I'm a filmmaker. I make a lot of commercials. That little dog that chases the covered wagon underneath the sink? That was mine. In 1966, I went down to Greenwich Village, New York City to a rock club called Electric Banana. Don't look for it; it's not there anymore. But that night, I heard a band that for me redefined the word "rock and roll". I remember being knocked out by their... their exuberance, their raw power - and their punctuality. That band was Britain's now-legendary Spinal Tap. Seventeen years and fifteen albums later, Spinal Tap is still going strong. And they've earned a distinguished place in rock history as one of England's loudest bands. So in the late fall of 1982, when I heard that Tap was releasing a new album called 'Smell the Glove', and was planning their first tour of the United States in almost six years to promote that album, well needless to say I jumped at the chance to make the documentary - the, if you will, "rockumentary" - that you're about to see. I wanted to capture the... the sights, the sounds... the smells of a hard-working rock band, on the road. And I got that; I got more... a lot more. But hey, enough of my yakkin'; whaddaya say? Let's boogie!

In the film, Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest), one of the three core band members reveals the secret to why the band's music is so loud. Simply put: the sound amps go to "11" - one higher than the typical 1-10 sound scale.

"Lick My Love Pump" is the title of one their classic songs inspired by Mozart and Bach. Per Nigel Tufnel, "It's sort of a 'Mach' piece."

Reading a review of Spinal Tap's latest album. Marti DiBergi says:

"This pretentious ponderous collection of religious rock psalms is enough to prompt the question, 'What day did the Lord create Spinal Tap, and couldn't he have rested on that day too?'"

In response to the "Smell the Glove" album cover, Marti DeBergi remarks:

"This tasteless cover is a good indication of the lack of musical invention within. The musical growth of this band cannot even be charted. They are treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry."

The review for "Shark Sandwich" album was a two word review which simply read: "Shit Sandwich."

Note: The three core members of fictional heavy metal band 'Spinal Tap' are: David St. Hubbins (Michael McKean), Derek Smalls (Harry Shearer) and Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest). The name of the band 'Spinal Tap' refers to a medical procedure involving a lumbar puncture.

This is Spinal Tap - Movie Poster

This is Spinal Tap - Movie Poster

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