Black SplatThunderball (1965)

"I think he got the point."

Sean Connery as James Bond - Thunderball

Description - Sean Connery as secret agent James Bond delivers a pointed eulogy in the motion picture Thunderball (1965).

James Bond (aka 007) is assigned to locate two nuclear bombs stolen from a downed military jet plane by the criminal organization SPECTRE. When an assassin named Vargas (Philip Locke) approaches James Bond as he lounges on a tropical island beach, 007 shoots his assailant with a spear gun. As the steel shaft impales the bad guy and pins him to the trunk of a palm tree, Bond quips, “I think he got the point.”

Bad guy Vargas gets the point - Thunderball

Note: In the film Ricochet (1991) when psychotic killer Earl Talbott Blake (John Lithgow) falls off the Watts Tower and impales himself on a metal rod, assistant district attorney Nick Styles (Denzel Washington) says, “You got the point now, don‘t you Blake!”

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