Black SplatTin Men (1987)

"You poke me one more time, I’m gonna have to redefine your face."

Tin Men - Danny Devito and Richard Drefuss

Description: Danny DeVito as siding salesman Ernest Tilley discusses plastic surgery options with salesman Bill “BB” Babowsky (Richard Dreyfuss) in the motion picture Tin Men (1987).

Ernest and Bill are rival (and unethical) salesmen who sell aluminum siding in the Baltimore of 1963. They meet by "accident" when Bill backs out of a driveway and hits Ernest's Cadillac while visiting a Cadillac dealership.

After destroying the windows on each other vehicles, these hot-headed fellows become enemies and go out of their way to get even. Vowing revenge, Bill goes so far as to seduce Ernest's wife, Nora Tilley (Barbara Hershey).

Bill Babowsky: [into the phone] Hey, asshole! This is the ultimate "fuck you"! I just poked your wife!
Ernest Tilley: [into the phone] What are you talking about?
Bill Babowsky: Yeah, she's in my bed right now with a very big smile on her face.
Ernest Tilley: Well, that's just fine by me. She's a pain in the ass! An albatross around my neck! You're welcome to her. Keep her, and may you both rot in Hell!

Although Ernest now longer loves his partner, he won't let Bill get away with stealing his wife, so he challenges his equally competative rival to a pool game to win back his spouse. Ernest wins the game, but Bill refuses to honor the bet because he has fallen in love with Nora.

In the end, unbeknowst to both of these rival Tin Men, a government commission investigating corrupt practices takes away both of their licenses. Now out of work, Bill and Ernest put aside their differences and join forces in a new business venture.

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