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"Consider that a divorce!"

Total Recall - Doug Quaid gets a divorce

Description: Arnold Schwarzenegger as Doug Quaid seeks closure to a bad relationship in the science fiction movie Total Recall (1990).

Douglas "Doug" Quaid is a construction worker in the year 2084 who is having dreams about the planet Mars. When he sees an advertisement for a company called ReKall, that implants memories, he decides he will buy a virtual vacation package to the Red Planet.

Doug chooses to be a spy on his vacation, but before the memory implant procedure begins, Doug has a seizure and begins to believe he is a spy. Unbeknownst to Doug, he has already received a memory implant and his cover identity is beginning to crumble.

Doug soon discovers his persona of Doug Quaid is a false memory and that he is, indeed, a man called Doug Hauser who was a former employee of a guy named Cohaagen (Ronny Cox) who wants to destroy a mutant resistance movement on Mars.

Doug also learns that his marriage to a woman named Lori (Sharon Stone) is a sham when he escapes a hit squad and seeks shelter and comfort of home.

Total Recall - Doug and his wife, Lori fight

As he explains his predicament, Lori who was hired to monitor Doug Quaid's memory implant, uses her feminine wiles to delay Doug's departure to allow the hit squad to find him. But Doug is on to her treachery and escapes to Mars, trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Arriving on Mars, Doug seeks out clues that will lead him to Kuato (Marshall Bell) the mutant leader of the Free Mars movement. Meanwhile, Lori and the hit squad follow Doug to Mars.

When Lori finds Doug, he holds her at gunpoint. “Honey...Sweetheart. You wouldn’t hurt me?, she says innocently. "After all, we’re married.” Lori then attacks Quaid. Blocking her assault, Doug knocks her to the floor, shoots her in the forehead, and says, “Consider that a divorce!”

Total Recall - Lori shot in the head

Along the way, Doug meets Hauser's ex-girlfriend Melina (Rachel Ticotin) a resistance fighter who wants to overthrow Cohaagen, and a black taxi driver named Benny (Mel Johnson, Jr.) who reports Quaid’s activities and locations back to the enemy.

After Doug leads Cohaagen's cronies to Kuato, they kill him and capture Quaid and Melina. Taken to Cohaagen, he shows them a video recording of Doug Hauser, a dead ringer for Doug.

Hauser: Howdy, Quaid. If you're watching this, that means that Kuato is dead, and you led us to him. I knew that you wouldn't let me down. Sorry for all of the shit I've put you through, but hey, what are friends are for? All I want to do is wish you happiness and good living, old buddy, but unfortunately, that's not gonna happen. You see, that's "my" body you have there, and I want it back. Sorry for being an Indian giver, but I was here first. So, adios, amigo!
[The monitor reveals Cohaagen standing beside the image of Hauser]
Hauser: And thanks for not getting youself killed. Maybe now, we will meet in dreams, you never know.

Hauser explains that he had his own memory wiped and replaced with a new personality (Quaid's) so he could carry out the mission to disclose the leaders of the Martian resistance. Cohaagen then proceeds to wipe Quaid's memory clean and restore Hauser's persona, and to have Melina reprogrammed as Hauser's loyal wife. But Doug and Melina manage to escape.

Total Recall - Doug Quaid Screws Benny the Traitor

As Doug flees, Benny the informer tries to kill Quaid with the ripping blades of a mining excavator, but Doug rams a huge spinning drill bit through its cockpit door, and screams, “Screeew you!” The drill bit tears Benny to pieces.

Doug kills his pursuers and climbs a huge machine that generates atmosphere for the planet. As he attempts to activate the ancient artifact, Cohaagen appears and tries to kill Quaid, despite the fact that Quaid occupies the body of Doug Hauser, his former friend.

As Cohaagen thwarts Quaid from activating the alien machine, he boasts, "In thirty seconds you’ll be dead, and I’ll blow this place up and be home in time for Corn Flakes."

After a short struggle, Doug Quaid activates the giant alien machine, while an explosion sucks Cohaagen into the Martian atmosphere where he suffocates, swells up and explodes.

Total Recall - Cohaagen dies

As the alien machine reaches peak power it sends a blast of breathable air across the surface of the planet allowing all of the mutants to live without the fear of being denied oxygen by the corporate executives who run the mining facility.

Note: Total Recall (1990) inspired the TV series TOTAL RECALL 2070 about police detective David Hume (Michael Easton) and his partner Ian Farve (Karl Pruner) who track murderous androids with ties to Recall, a corrupt corporation based on the planet Mars.

The Total Recall franchise continued in the movie remake Total Recall (2012) starring Colin Farrell as Doug Quaid as a factory worker who suspects he is a spy, but does not know whether he works for the good or the bad guys.

In the film Straight Talk (1992) when Dolly Parton as radio talk show host Dr. Shirlee Kenyon is challenged to reveal her educational credentials, she tells reporters that she received her training a "Screw U!"

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