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"Nobody beats me in the kitchen!"

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) - Casey Ryback fights back

Description: Steven Seagal as Casey Ryback, a former Special Forces trained soldier turned cook kills a terrorist in the food galley of a train in the motion picture Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995).

Casey Ryback is a retired US Navy Seal and counter-terrorism expert. He has exchanged a life in the military for a life as a chef at the Mile High Cafe in Denver, Colorado.

When his brother dies, Casey Ryback decides to travel to Los Angeles to visit his brother's grave. Along for the ride is Casey's teenage niece Sarah Ryback (Kathering Heigl) whom he has not seen in years.

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) - Terrorists hold train passengers hostage

As they settle into a long train ride through the Rocky Mountains, their train is hijacked by a group of mercenaries lead by Marcus Penn (Everett McGill) who searches for Captains Linda Gilder (Brenda Bakke) and David Trilling (David Gianopoulos), a pair of Pentagon employees onboard the train who possess the secret codes to an orbiting satelite. Threatening to torture the man's female partner, the terrorists obtain the password they need.

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory - Captains Gilder and Trilling held hostage
David Trilling: I'll never...give you the code.
Travis Dane: Our psychological profile on you says you will. However, if you wish to prove that profile incorrect, watch closely as an intensly hot needle penetrates the lens of one of the most beautiful eyes in the world. The needlepoint will pass through the lens with, very little difficulty. The heat will cauterize and seal the wound, but will continue to transfer heat into the fluid of the eye. The fluid comes to a boil, and the eyeball itself... explodes.
David Trilling: J B N... 1, 2 1

Now in possession of the critcal password, Travis Dane (Eric Bogosian), a former Pentagon computer expert accesses Grazer, a top secret particle beam space satelite that Dane designed when he worked for the CIA. Grazer is so deadly that if it targeted the Los Angeles fault lines, in fifteen seconds Arizona would be beachfront.

Dane and his mercenaries stand to earn $1 billion dollars from foreign concerns who want do damage to the United States and the Pentagon. And so they hijacked the password and used the train as a rolling headquarters that would not be detected as it traveled through a certain section of the mountains, known as "Dark Territory."

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory  (1995) - Travis Dane addresses his hostages

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This is your captor speaking. There's been a slight change in your travel plans tonight. You have, you will note, been moved to the last two cars of the train for your own well-being. First, I'd like to call your attention to the highly trained men with the automatic weapons in your cars. In the event of an emergency, they may be called upon to shoot you. Your safety IS our primary concern. However, if you try anything stupid, Federal Regulations require that I kill you. So please, no hero shit! - Travis Dane

Meanwhile, as the terrorists hold the rest of the train passengers hostage, Casey Ryback eludes capture and one-by one begins to kill off the terrorist. As the terrorists sweep the train to find Ryback, one of the terrorist encounters Ryback in the kitchen galley. Ryback swiftly defeats the terrorist, exclaiming, "Nobody beats me in the kitchen."

“My uncle’s got 2 iron crosses, and medals that are so secret, he can’t even show them to anybody. He’s not gonna let anything happen to us. I guess he’s a hero.” - Sarah Ryback

Assisted by Bobby Zachs (Morris Chestnut), a black train porter who is interested in Ryback's niece Sarah, Casey attempts to thwart the terrorists and their plan to destroy the Eastern Seaboard from space and cause an international crisis.

"I've got eight million people to kill and a billion dollars to pick up." - Travis Dane

The terrorists first target is a chemical weapons plant masquerading as a fertilizer plant in Guangzhou, China. According to Dane, "I'm gonna shock the world by spreading ca-ca all over the place. We know this. The Chinese know that we know. But we make-believe that we don't know and the Chinese make-believe that they believe that we don't know, but know that we know. Everybody knows." As Dane begins his attack on China, he says, "Now pay close attention, Mr. Penn. I'm about to make the Bophal disaster look like a Girl Scout picnic!"

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) - Terrorist threatens to kill Ryback's niece

As the United States military sends Stealth fighters to take out the train, Dane uses Grazer to create earthquake like low-altitude turbulances to destroy the approaching aircraft.

When Marcus Penn discovers Ryback's palm pilot, he informs Travis Dane that the ex-Navy Seal captain is a real threat to the mission. "He's the best there is," says Penn, to which Dane replies, "I thought you were the best there is, Penn."

Later, Marcus discovers Sarah Ryback among the passengers, and uses her as bait to draw out Ryback. The two tangle hand to hand, with Casey Ryback the winning the fight.

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) - Terrorist Travis Dane falls to his death

In the end, Ryback fires a bullet through Dane's laptop computer which compromises his encryption program and allows ATAC to regain control of the satelite. When Dane tries to climb aboard a helicopter sent to retrieve his terrorist team, he loses his grip and falls to his death.

Note: In the first motion picture Under Siege (1992) we learn that Casey Ryback, ("an expert in Martial Arts, Explosives, Weapons and Tactics. Silver Star, Navy Cross, Purple Heart with Cluster. Security Clearance revoked after Panama") is serving the last few months of his military service as a cook onboard the battleship USS Missouri, which is scheduled to be decommissioned.

Under Siege (1992) - Tommy Lee Jones as William Strannix

William Strannix (Tommy Lee Jones), a deranged former assassin for the CIA with the help of his confederate Commander Krill (Gary Busey) seize control of the ship and plan to off-load nuclear missiles still on board the vessel and sell them to the highest bidder.

"Hi, Admiral. Six months ago, your boy Tom Breaker cancelled operation 'Cleopatra', and shortly thereafter two young men from Langley showed up in Miami tried to cancel me along with it. Now you DID receive each man's right forefinger in the mail, didn't you Tom?...Did you expect us to wait in Miami for you to try again?...You tried to kill me you son of a welcome to the revolution."

Tom Breaker (Nick Mancuso) had used Stannix and his army of mercenaries to halt the North Koreans from refitting an old French sub to fire anti-ship missile. When Breaker realized he had lost "positive control," of the mercenaries, under Executive Order 136, he tried to neutralize them. But his plan failed and now Strannix was out for revenge.

Under Siege (1992) - Ryback battles Strannix

But, Casey Ryback foils his plot, stabs Strannix in the brain with a knife, saves Honolulu from destruction and allows the USS Missouri to be honorably decommissioned.

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