Black Splat Van Helsing (2004)

"Curse all you undead! You are nothing but dead bones and damned shall burn in the fires of hell!"

Van Helsing - Frankenstein's Monster curses his tormentors

Description: Shuler Hensley as Frankenstein's Monster curses Count Vladislaus Dracula (Richard Roxburgh) who along with Dr. Victor Frankenstein and his assistant Igor (Kevin J. O'Connor) experiment with life and death in the motion picture Van Helsing (2004).

Gabriel Van Helsing is a demon hunter working with the church. As he puts it, "My to vanquish evil." An immortal being, Van Helsing can't recall his past, but he does have vague memories of fighting the Romans at Masada in the year 73 AD.

Gabriel reports to Cardinal Jinette (Alun Armstrong) who runs a secret order within the Vatican charged with protecting the world from hellish creatures that wreak havoc on humanity. Van Helsing has no qualms killing vampires, gargoyles, or warlocks. As he says, "They're all the same - best when cooked well."

Van Helsing is assisted by Friar Carl (David Wenham), a timid holy man who is soon to be a monk. But before he takes his vows, he still has the opportunity to enjoy the luxuries of life, like the touch of a woman and, if he wants, to be vulgar and curse, dammit.

Van Helsing - Carl and Van Helsing enter a troubled village

Together, Van Helsing and Carl travel the countryside of Europe seeking out the wicked and sending them to Hell. Once such villain was a mass killer known as Mr. Hyde.

Mr. Hyde: You're a big one. You'll be hard to digest.
Van Helsing: I'd hate to be such a nuisance. Dr. Jekyll, you're wanted by the Knights of the Holy Order...
Mr. Hyde: It's Mr. Hyde, now!
Van Helsing: ...for the murder of twelve men, six women, four...
Mr. Hyde: [laughing] Four children, three goats, and a rather nasty massacre of poultry! So, you're the great Van Helsing.
Van Helsing: And you're a deranged psychopath.
Mr. Hyde: We all have our little problems.
Van Helsing: Now, my superiors would like for me to take you alive, so that they might extricate your better half.
Mr. Hyde: [laughing] I'll bet they bloody would.
Van Helsing: Personally, I'd rather just kill you and call it a day. But let's make it your decision, shall we?
Mr. Hyde: Hmm, do let's. [attacks]

On another hunt, Van Helsing says, "There's something down here, it's carnivorous. Whatever it is it appears to be... human. I'd say it's a size 17, about 360 pounds, 8 and a half to 9 feet tall and he has a bad gimp in his right leg and, ah, 3 copper teeth." Anna Valerious (Kate Beckinsale), a Gypsy Princess who stands nearby asks, "How do you know he has copper teeth?" Van Helsing informs her "'Cause he's standing right behind you." Of course, Van Helsing quickly dispatches the monster.

Van Helsing - Van Helsing meets Anna Valerious

Anna Valerious: Some say you're a murderer, Mr. Van Helsing. Others say you're a holy man. Which is it?
Van Helsing: It's a bit of both, I think.

Van Helsing first meets Anna Velarious when he enters her Transylvanian village in search of the legendary vampire Count Dracula, whom the Vatican wants destroyed.

Upon his arrival, the village is attacked by a band of Dwergi, vicious flying female vampires who serve Count Dracula. In true heroic form, Van Helsing kills one of the vampires and sends the rest scurrying back to their lair. But instead of kind words for his assistance, one of the villagers bemoans, "He killed a vampire!" Curious, Carl asks, "Isn't that a good thing?" To which, a man named Top Hat explains, "The Vampires only take what they need to survive. Maybe two or three a month... but now they will kill for revenge!"

Not everyone in the village was ungrateful, however. After Carl saved a barmaid from the vampires, the girl exclaims, "Oh, thank you! You saved me. How can I repay you?" She then kisses him and whispers in his ear, but then pulls away, and says, "But you can't do that! You are a monk!" Carl replies, "Actually, I'm a just a friar."

Van Helsing joins forces with Anna to end an ancient curse on her family. She and her brother Prince Velken (Will Kemp) are the last of their line. It is up to them to kill Dracula so that the souls of her ancestors can leave purgatory and enter in to heaven. But there is one glitch, Velken is killed by a werewolf and then resurrected as one. Van Helsing is forced to kill him, but Velken bites Van Helsing before he dies, and passes the curse of the werewolf to Gabriel.

Van Helsing: He's not your brother anymore, Anna!
Anna Valerious: You knew?
Van Helsing: Yes.
Anna Valerious: Before or after I stopped you from shooting him?
Van Helsing: Before.
Anna Valerious: And still you tried to kill him!
Van Helsing: He's a werewolf. He's going to kill people!
Anna Valerious: It's not his fault! He can't help it!
Van Helsing: I know, but he's going to do it anyway!

A year before Gabriel arrived on the scene, Dracula and Doctor Victor Frankenstein conducted experiments to resurrect the dead. Dracula wanted this secret so he could return fellow vampires who had been killed in the past. Unfortunately, the Frankenstein monster escaped Dracula's clutches and so Dracula kills Victor Frankenstein and seeks an alternative to carry out his plan.

Van Helsing - Count Vladislaus Dracula

""I am Count Vladislaus Dragulia. Born 1422. Murdered 1462....I have no heart, I feel no love. Nor fear, nor joy, nor sorrow. I am hollow...and I will live forever...I am at war with the world! And every living soul in it!"

After Van Helsing's unsuccessful first attempt to kill Dracula, Anna barks, "A silver stake? A crucifix? What, did you think we haven't tried everything before? We've shot him, stabbed him, clubbed him, sprayed him with holy water, staked him through the heart, and STILL he lives! Do you understand? No-one knows how to kill Dracula!" Van Helsing replies, "Well, I could have used that information a little earlier."

Count Dracula: You're too late, my friend! My children live!
Van Helsing: Then the only way to kill them is to kill you.
Count Dracula: Correct.
Van Helsing: So be it.

Van Helsing - Van Helsing transforms into a werewolf and fights Dracula

Inevitably, Van Helsing and Dracula are locked in mortal combat. Van Helsing as a huge werewolf when the moon rises and Dracula in the form a huge bat creature. Since the only thing that could kill Dracula is a werewolf, Van Helsing vanquishes the Count. Before Dracula dies, Van Helsing learns that he is actually the Archangel Gabriel and it was he who murdered Dracula so many centuries ago.

At the conclusion of the battle, Anna arrives with an antidote to cure Van Helsing of his werewolf curse. She manages to inject the cure into his furry hide, but before the change takes place, Van Helsing kills Anna. With Dracula dead and all of his minions destroyed upon his death, Anna's family can now rest in peace.

Before Van Helsing leaves, he cremates Anna's body. Amidst the smoke rising in the air Van Helsing sees an image of Anna reuniting with her brother and other family members as their spirits are now free to enter the Gates of Paradise.

In the distance, the Frankenstein monster, who had been tortured by Dracula in an effort to discover the secret of resurrection, is seen in a boat rowing to freedom on the ocean.

Van Helsing - Movie Poster

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