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"Your Mama!"

White Men Can't Jump - On the Basketball Court

Description - Often heard phrase in the motion picture White Men Can’t Jump (1992)

In the film, Billy Hoyle (Woody Harrelson) and Sidney Deane (Wesley Snipes) supplement their income by hustling basketball players on the inner city courts of Los Angeles. Part of their on-court banter includes spitting out “Your Mama” jokes to unsettle their opponents. Her are some their “Your Mama” put-downs:

  • “Your Mama’s so old she drove chariots in high school”
  • “Your mama’s so fat that she fell and broke her leg and gravy poured out!”
  • “I told your Mama to act her age and the bitch dropped dead!”
  • “Your mother’s teeth so yellow she can butter a whole loaf of bread”
  • “Your Mama’s so stupid it takes her two hours to watch SIXTY MINUTES.”
  • “I seen your mother kicking a can down the street. I said ‘What you doin’?’ and she said ‘Moving’”
  • "I'll tell you what. Why don't we take all these bricks and build a shelter for the homeless, so maybe your mother will have a place to stay."

The film’s script is also cleverly peppered with other assorted colorful insults and putdowns. When Wesley Snipes gets mad at one of his friends, he says, “Shut your anorexic, malnutrition, tapeworm aten overdosed Dick Gregory Bahamian diet drinking ass up!”

When Woody Harrelson is called an “Opie Taylor” by a black basketball player, he shouts back, “Opie Taylor! Opie Taylor! Hey, I got your Opie, you big bad Gomer Pyle goofey-eyed son of a bitch!”

Woody’s put-down is countered with, “Take your ass back to Mayberry and tell Aunt Bee she BETTER have my bean pies or I'm a kick her ass.”

At one point, Billy Hoyle tells his black partner Sidney Deane, “Black guys would rather look good and lose than look bad and win.”

The ultimate put-down in the movie is when Wesley Snipes tells Woody Harrelson, “White Men Can't Jump” after he fails to perform a slam-dunk shot.

Note: In the motion picture The Nutty Professor (1996) Eddie Murphy plays Dr. Sherman Klump whose slender alter ego Buddy Love plays dueling “Your Mama” jokes with a loudmouthed nightclub comedian named Reggie Warrington (David Chappelle).

Reggie begins his put-down of Buddy Love: “It’s time to attack black. Time for Reggie to lay into your mama... 'Your Mama's so fat she went to Sizzler and the bitch got a group discount'.”

Buddy Love counters, “Your Mama’s so fat the bitch needs a Thomas Guide to find her asshole.” On a roll, Buddy continues, “Your Mama’s so fat after sex I rolled over twice and I’m still on the bitch...she’s so fat she fell into the Grand Canyon and got stuck...she’s so fat she gets her toenails painted at Earl Scheib.”

Driving the nail into Reggie’s comic coffin, Buddy love concludes, "She’s so fat her blood type is Rocky Road...She’s so fat, her belt size is Equator.”

The TV comedy show IN LIVING COLOR/FOX/1990-94 spoofed the “Your Mama” phenomenon when they featured a game show called “The Dirty Dozen” wherein the contestants are encouraged to “Dis” the other contestant’s mothers by answering such categories as Your Mama’s so ‘hairy,’ ‘so old,’ and ‘so ugly.’ Here are some examples:

  • “Your Mama’s so ugly that she has to trick or treat over the phone”
  • “She so hairy Bigfoot takes a picture of her”
  • “She’s so fat that when she bunji jumps, the bitch goes straight to hell!”
  • “Your Mama’s teeth are so yellow when she yawns, traffic slows down!”
  • “Your Mama's gums are so black she can spit chocolate milk."
  • “Your Mama’s so fat that when God said, ‘Let there be light,’ he told your Mama to ‘Get your butt out of the way.”

Special competition rounds featured a mystery guest section of the show, where the lead contestant had 60 seconds to provoke the mystery guest into violence; and the wheel of insults filled with assorted “Your Mama” categories. In either segment, the person with the best put-downs won a car.

On a classic comedy sketch entitled “Samurai Hotel” on NBC’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE John Belushi plays a Samurai Warrior who duels with another bellhop (Richard Pryor) over who iss going to carry the guest’s bag. The words “Your mama-san!” are heard in between grunts.

In the film Bebe’s Kids (1992) Dorothea (Myra J. ) and Robin Harris (Faizon Love) shoot off a volley of “Your Mama” put-downs, such as:

  • "Your Mama’s so old, she was there the first day of slavery.”
  • “Your Mama’s so old, she older than your grandmama.”
  • “Your Mama’s so fat, she on both sides of the family.”
  • “Your Mama’s so dumb, she thought a quarterback was a refund.”
  • “Your Mama’s so dumb, they told her it was chilly outside, she went and got a bowl.”
  • "Your Mama’s so country, she got in an elevator, thought it was a mobile home.”

In 2006, the MTV network broadcast a show called YO MOMMA featuring Wilmer Valderrama as he criss-crossed the country in search of America's best trash-talkers.

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