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"You're making a mistake."

Witness - John Book is about to punch a punk

Description: Harrison Ford as John Book warns off a cocky punk teenager in the motion picture Witness (1985).

John Book is a Philadelphia police Captain who is hiding in Amish country from corrupt police officers who want him dead, as well as, Samuel Lapp (Lukas Haas), a 8-year-old Amish boy who witnessed two police detectives murder an undercover narcotics officer in the 30th Street Train Station restroom while the boy and his recently widowed mother, Rachel Lapp (Kelly McGinnis) were waiting for a connecting train to Baltimore.

After John is shot by detective James McFee (Danny Glover), one of the two bad cops who committed the murder, John calls his partner, Sergeant Carter (Brent Jennings), and asks him to get rid of all the paperwork about the murder before corrupt cops find out about Samuel and Rachel. Then John ditches his Dodge vehicle and flees back to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in a Volkswagen with Rachel and her son.

Witness - John arrives in Lancaster County

Upon arriving at the Lapp's farmhouse, the Amish want to call a doctor, but John warns, "No. No doctor. Gunshot wound. They have to make a report and if they make a report, they find me. If they find me, they find the boy." John then collapses from his wounds and is nursed back to health by Rachel, whom becomes romantically attracted to this man from a different culture.

During a visit to a local town, a lady tourist tries to take John's photograph, "Wooo. Young man. Hello. We're just here for the day. Would you mind if I took your picture? Now stand still, please. Fix your hat a little bit."

John had just learned that Sgt. Carter had been killed, and so he objects vehemently, saying, "Lady, you take my picture with that thing, I'm going to rip your brassiere off and strangle you with it." In disbelief the lady says, "Did you hear what that Amish just said to me?"

Witness - Teenage punk humiliates an Amish Farmer

During the same visit to town, a loudmouthed punk smears an ice cream cone on the nose of Daniel Hochleitner (Alexander Godunov), Rachel's Amish neighbor. Irritated, John approaches the punk to put him in his place. An elder Amish man tries to counsel John to ignore the brutality, by saying, “It’s not our way.” But John concludes, “It’s my way.”

Knowing the Amish are peaceful, the punk doesn't feel threatened and knocks John’s hat off his head. John warns the man “You're making a mistake,” and then punches the offending tourist in the stomach and face. The disturbance makes the news which alerts the corrupt detectives of John's whereabouts.

Soon after, James McFee, "Fergie" Ferguson (Angus MacInnes), the second killer at the train station, and John's superior officer, Chief Paul Schaeffer (Josef Sommer) who had set up John's ambush in the parking garage arrive in Amish country with shotguns in hand.

Witness - Three Crooked cops on a mission

John sends Samuel to get help and then takes on the trio of crooked cops. First, John lures Ferguson into a grain silo and suffocates him under a few thousand pounds of grain seed. Then he kills McFee with Ferguson's shotgun.

With the arrival of a number of Amish farmers upon the scene, John cries "It's over. Enough. Enough." Realizing the futility of the situation, Schaeffer surrendered his guns and gives up.

In the end, John goes back to the big city and Rachel stays with her Amish community.

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