Black SplatThe Woman on the Beach (1947)

"You murdering little sneak! I can smell your hate. It’s no different from your love."

The Woman on the Beach - Joan Bennett and charles Bickford

Description - Charles Bickford as Tod, a great painter (gone blind) having an intense lover’s spat with his wife, Peggy (Joan Bennett) in the motion picture The Woman on the Beach (1947).

The film follows the love triangle of Lt. Scott Burnett (Robert Ryan), a troubled Coast Guard officer who meets Peggy on the beach and falls in love with her. Peggy soon returns his affections. Her husband, Tod accepts Scott as a friend but then suspects a relationshp brewing between Scott and his wife.

Later, Scott tells Peggy he plans to drown Tod during a fishing trip, but in a fit of madness, he pierces the bottom of the boat and tries to kill both himself and Tod. Luckily, Peggy reveals the impending boat accident to the authorities and Scott and Tod are rescued. Scott's former finacee, Eve Geddes (Nan Leslie) is part of the rescue team.

In the end, Tod burns his house and a fortune in paintings because they remind him the past and a sighted life when he could paint. Seeing Tod released from the devils that have possessed him since he became blind, Peggy chooses to stay with her husband. They move to New York to start a new life and Scott remains behind to lick his wounds and possibly get back with Eve Geddes.

Note: In the motion picture Laughing Boy (1999) Joseph Brazil Grasaffi III as Cody asays, "An artist is someone who is starving in their twenties. I’m thirty-two. I’m a deadbeat”

The Woman on the Beach - Movie Poster

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