Black SplatYear of the Dragon (1985)

"The first time I saw you, I hated your guts. I think I even hated you before I met you. I hated you on TV. I hated you in Vietnam."

Year of the Dragon - Ariane Koizumi and Mickey Rourke

Description: Mickey Rourke as decorated police Captain Stanley White vents his frustrations at TV reporter Tracy Tzu (Ariane Koizumi) in the motion picture Year of the Dragon (1985).

Stanley White is a married New York City police detective who has a hatred for Asians stemming from his days in Vietnam. When his new assignment turns out to be Chinatown, Stanley is none to happy about the situation, nor is he happy about having to deal with Tracy Tzu, a nosey TV reporter who covers the Chinatown beat. She is following the murder of a man named Jackie Wong and a possible connection to the Chinese Triad Societies (mafia), and its leader, young Joey Tai (John Lone) who has recently and viciously risen to power.

At one point, Stanley's love/hate relationship with Tracy prompts him to say:

"You want to know what’s destroying this country? It’s not booze. It’s not drugs. It’s TV. It’s media. It’s people like you. It’s vampires. I hate the way you make your living sticking microphones in people’s faces. You lie every night at 6:00. I hate the way you kill real feelings. I hate everything that you stand for. Most of all, I hate rich kids and I hate this place. So why do I want to fuck you so bad?”

During a dinner discussion, right before masked hoodlums enter the restaurant and spray the room with machine gun fire, Tracy asks, "Is Chinatown so bad the way it is?" Stanley who wants to clean up the place, replies, "It stinks! The Harry Yung got this place locked up like a jail. You've got a slave population of sweat shop women working for 12 cents a piece. You've got shopkeepers paying bribes to every punk that comes along. You've got 30 people living in a room. You've got the highest number of TB and metal illness in any city neighborhood. You've got a male population..."

"This not the Bronx, or Brooklyn. Not even New York. Chinatown White can be very easy or very hard." - Joey Tai [to Stanley White]

When mobster Joey Tia offers a bribe, Stanley, responds. "You're a smart guy Joe-Joey, but you made one mistake. I'm not Italian, I'm a Pollack. And I can't be bought. I'm gonna burn you down. I'm gonna drag you and your dirty laundry out on the street. And I'm gonna humiliate you." Joey replies, 'You are very stupid and you're not gonna last. To which Stanley says, "I'll last long enough to piss on your grave."

At the end of the film, Stanley admits to Tracy, "I'd like to be a nice guy. I would. I just don't know how to be nice." To which Tracy replies, "You're really cracked. You know that?"

Note: In the motion picture The Mad Miss Manton (1938), Henry Fonda as newspaperman Peter Ames tells dizzy débutante Melsa Manton (Barbara Stanwyck), "Listen before I met you I disliked you intensely. When I met you I disliked you intensely. Even now I dislike you intensely. That was the sensible, sane portion of me. But there’s an insane portion of me that gets a little violent every time I think of you.” He follows up with, “You’re a nasty creature. But, in time, I’ll beat it out of you.”

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